A Special Message from our Senior Pastor

Beloved, I have also been privileged to be encapsulated in the Shekinah Glory - Anointed, Empowered, Equipped and Graced by the living God to lead HIS precious people - a mighty Army of Champions here at Church on Fire International.

This year, God has entrusted us with a number of exciting projects this year and I would love for you to be a part of this rewarding kingdom mission. Remember, when God chooses an individual, HE takes a SPECIAL interest in them, makes them the APPLE OF HIS EYES.

Our ministry is making a positive impact in our community and our surrounding environs, cities, states, our nation, North/South/Central America and the entire globe.

I invite you to invest in the future of Church On Fire International and become a key player in the great move of God within this family. God is interested in you. Thank you for making a decision to be part of this project.


1 May 2018

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1 May 2018
1 June 2018

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1 June 2018
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1 July 2018
1 August 2018

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1 August 2018



Days Revival Fire Prayer Services

In the midst of the pandemic, for 365 consecutive days in 2021 and an additional 58 consecutive days in 2022, we met daily for no less than two hours of Revival Fire Prayer Services praying for North America and the entire world.


hours of solid biblical teachings daily

Bringing forth deliverances & testimonies, shifting mindsets, restoring families & dreams, and reviving hope, strength, and belief in the hearts of people in the face of a difficult and trying pandemic.


Families served in the midst of the Pandemic

Since 2017, our food pantry which has been a weekly safe haven for families was the only food pantry open within a 10 mile radius during the pandemic.

We continue to faithfully and passionately serve families weekly.

Conducted mission trips and crusades.

Multiple Churches and locations Planted in the United States and across the globe.

Provide community outreach Social & Educational programs.

...And so many more life-changing initiatives.


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Paying off COFI’s remaining mortgage WILL ENABLE US free up and distribute our resources to enhance our future plans AND goals.

Some of which includes:

Planting Churches across the globe.

Renovation of our Skill Development & Daycare Center.

Assisting other Churches pay off their own mortgages.

Building a World-class music Studio:
This multi-purpose studio will serve as a powerhouse to help artist and musicians harness their divine calling and project their voices and gifts to the world for God’s glory.

Provide housing and training for 5000 homeless people.

Financial literacy programs.


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Paying off the COFI Mortgage, AKA 'BURN THE DEED' is a campaign that packs a punch! We are on a mission to change the world for God’s glory, and we would love to have you to join us in this effort. Our goal is to raise $1,100,000.

Please consider giving a tax deductible donation in the one of the following amounts below through any of our giving options provided in the subsequent section.



Give using $COFIBuildingPayoff


Give using payoffcofibuilding@ gmail.com


Give using COFIBuildingPayoff


Send check to: Church on Fire Intl - 4836 W. 13th Street, Cicero, IL 60804

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