Our commitment lies in collaborating with parents to guide children toward becoming wholehearted disciples of Christ. LifeKids provides age-appropriate teachings, engaging activities, and small group experiences, enabling children from birth to 6th grade to grasp biblical principles and practical lessons that are applicable to their lives on a weekly basis.



Ages 3 & Up





9:00 AM

Royal Cubs (3-5)

Royal Lions (6-9)

Royal Champions (10-12)

Our Ministry Values


We teach the Bible in creative, interactive, and innovative ways that bring the Bible to life!


We desire for our space to be where kids feel both emotionally and physically safe and we
accomplish this by leveraging a checkout system involving claim tags and volunteers who are background checked and specifically trained.


We value creating fun environments where kids can learn about Jesus including games,activities, music, laughter, and interactive experiences.


We provide opportunities for each child to build relationships with others and deepen their relationship with Jesus.


We recognize that God has called parents to be the primary faith-nurturers of children,
therefore, we choose to partner with each family as they provide spiritual direction for the next generation.

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is a profound moment for many families. It’s more than just a ceremony—it’s a heartfelt commitment. By dedicating their child to their faith, parents pledge to guide and nurture them with love and spiritual wisdom. It’s a beautiful moment of community support, prayer, and blessing, setting the foundation for a child’s journey of faith and belonging. In this act, families express gratitude for the precious gift of life and embrace the sacred responsibility of raising their children in the light of their beliefs.