Dr. David Philemon

Rev. David is a highly gifted, anointed, dynamic and charismatic Servant of the most High God. He’s a revivalist that carries a strong revival anointing fire that’s rapidly spreading across borders throughout North and South America in fulfillment of God’s prophetic word.

Rev. David ministers in the fullness of the power of God, through him, captives are
set free, delivered, healed and destinies are unlocked.

Rev. David has trained over 500 pastors and leaders, planted over 26 churches across the world which includes several mega churches. He currently holds board positions at many reputable ministries and businesses and also affiliated with four ministerial governing bodies.


Rev. David Philemon was converted and saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in August of 1995, after a terrible gang fight. In the week of his salvation, he had an encounter with the Lord that lasted for over 4 hours and received a clear vision and a mandate from the Lord which lead to the path of  life that included being mentored and trained by Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide where he served as a full-time Pastor for 7 years with a huge success pastoring a mega church and building several churches.


Following the instructions of God, he received the blessing of his spiritual father, Bishop David O. Oyedepo and resigned from Living Faith Church Worldwide. Rev. David established an independent itinerant ministry and traveled around the world preaching the word of God with major miracles, signs and wonders.


Rev. David received instruction from God in 2005 to establish the headquarters of his ministry in Chicago, IL. He officially started the church on October 1 2006 with less than 5 people but the congregation increased tremendously now with over 3000 registered members.


Church on Fire International, headquarters is located at the MEGA ALTAR at 4836 W. 13th Street, Cicero, IL 60804. We commenced at 7058 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626 then moved to 2513-2515 W Peterson Ave, Chicago, IL 60659 before the transition the mega altar in May 2016.

Rev. David has a lifetime goal of sponsoring thousands of churches for other pastors and missionaries across the world for the expansion and establishment of the kingdom of Christ on earth.


Two of his favorite quotes are, “I WAS BORN TO DISGRACE THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.” and



Since Rev. David’s salvation encounter with the Lord in 1995, he has been on fire for God, serving Him fervently and has not looked back. He vows to live for Jesus and do His will forever till he takes his last breath here on earth (if Jesus tarries). His greatest desire is to hear on the last day, his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tell him, “This is My son, whom I am very pleased with, come into my rest.”.  And he believes by God’s grace and power, it will be so in Jesus name!


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Drs. pst. paul & becky enenche

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche is a trained Medical Doctor, called of God into full time ministry, with a heavy Apostolic and Prophetic mantle for the restoration of human lives and dignities. His ministrations are characterized by deep undiluted insights from the Word of God, accurate Word of Knowledge and the demonstration of the power of God in Supernatural healings, miracles, signs and wonders. His ministry is geared towards causing our generation to:
• Experience God’s Person and Presence in our lives
• Realize our true purpose for existence,
• Comprehend our full potential in life,
• Discover God’s life-changing and life-lifting principles,
• Connect with God’s power to overcome the negative forces of life and above all, to
• End our journey with God in eternity in Heaven and to escape the torments of hell.

He is the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, with the headquarters situated at the Lord’s Garden, along the airport road, Abuja, NIGERIA. They currently a mega service every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, among other services. His passion is to see that the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. As a result, his ministry is involved in aggressive spread of the Gospel via every possible media— the Commission’s Television Station— Dunamis TV, their 24/7 Web-TV and Web-Radio broadcast as well as campus revival meetings, crusades and aggressive church plantings.

He is married to Dr Becky, a beautiful, intelligent, submissive, supportive and hardworking Medical Doctor, also called of God into full time ministry. And together, they have four blessed children.


Dr. Becky Enenche is Co-Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, (DIGC) in Abuja Nigeria, with her husband, Pastor Dr Paul Enenche. Like the husband Becky Enenche is Medical Doctor who practiced Medicine before leaving the profession to join her husband as a fulltime Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

She oversees the administrative arm of the ministry and a constant companion to the husband in his many ministry assignments within Nigeria and abroad. Together with her husband they have four children.

She runs a Monthly meeting called Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters (MASSES), where she addresses the many challenges that women face because in her words, the state of their welfare determines the state of their spirituality. The meeting, therefore, is geared at raising women that will succeed in their relationships with human beings, their husbands / fiances, which will enhance a solid relationship with God that will ensure eternity in Heaven.

Bishop Joshua Simeon

Bishop George Bloomer

Best-selling author, pastor, renowned speaker, and entrepreneur, Bishop George G. Bloomer began fulfilling destiny’s call as a teen while ministering from his native home of Brooklyn, New York. After traveling throughout the country and abroad, Bishop Bloomer founded and began serving as pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina. Bethel Family Worship Center is a multi-cultural ministry which seeks to “reach the heart to save the soul.” Bishop Bloomer built the ministry on the premise of “pastoring whoever walks through the church doors and impacting their lives for the few hours in which I have them in my presence in order to provoke a positive change.” Years later, the ministry continues to enjoy ministerial success. To his credit, Bishop Bloomer has been named by Upscale Magazine as one of the nation’s leading ministers to watch in the twenty-first century; been featured on CNN’s “Faces of Faith,” in Charisma Magazine as “The Man with the Plan,” and in Jet Magazine, to name a few.


Bishop Bloomer is also the founder of George Bloomer Ministries where he travels internationally delivering life-altering messages to equip the masses for personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. One of his most prominent bestsellers, Witchcraft in the Pews sold over a million copies and remains a favorite amongst avid readers. Other popular favorite reads written by Bishop Bloomer include, Looking for Love; Love, Dating & Marriage; Authority Abusers, and many more. Another one of his most notable achievement is one of the voices on the 2006 version of The Bible Experience (the Bible on CD featuring nearly 200 distinguished Hollywood actors and actresses).He has appeared regularly on TBN, 700 Club, Radio One, and numerous media outlets lending spiritual counsel as well as advice on relationships and personal development. As an entrepreneur, Bishop Bloomer has founded Blooming House Publishers, Blooming Records and other for profit businesses. Bishop Bloomer resides with his family in Durham, North Carolina.

Rev. George Izunwa

George Izunwa is the Lead Pastor of Gateway International Church, with headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He is called, anointed and commissioned by God to “go teach My people strength”.

Thousands have been positively impacted by his pulpit ministry, TV ministry, books, tapes, crusades and special empowerment seminars.



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